This December, 14 Faith Leaders will be traveling to Honduras to offer witness and presence to defenders of water, land and human rights in Honduras and raise awareness of the violence, displacement and root causes forcing people to migrate from their homeland.

 Who is Going?  14 people from the US and Canada representing a diversity of denominations, including United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Unitarian Universalist Church, Lutheran Church (ELCA), Sisters of St. Joseph and other Catholics .  We are people involved in local programs assisting migrants and working for immigrant and environmental justice in California, Illinois, Washington DC and Florida.



What will be doing?

Visiting with indigenous, human rights, water and land defenders, such as: COPINH, indigenous network co-founded  by Berta Caceres, Goldman Prize winner who was assassinated in March of this year, that is involved in protecting their local rivers and communities from destruction by hydroelectric dam and mining projects.

Visiting MUCA in the Bajo Aguan where two peasant leaders were recently assassinated in October.

Meeting with immigrants who have been deported from the United States back to danger in Honduras.

Meeting with OFRANEH – network of Garifuna people’s- defending their national territories from land grabs and resort development

Meeting with the Mothers of the Disappeared Migrants of Progreso

Regional Fora on Migration, Human Rights in Honduras and Mother Earth.

Honoring Radio Progreso-ERIC SJ– on  their 60th Anniversary.  We will be bringing a resolution passed by the City of Berkeley in honor of the 60th Anniversary.

Why are we Going?

–       “to learn more about human and environmental justice issues in Honduras, how both are interconnected, and how these contribute to causes of migration.”

–      “to accompany the people and their struggle to defend their environment and communities. For the Lencas the river and the forest are sacred and they are willing to give their lives for. I want to learn from them and find ways we can support their struggle.”

–       “to learn firsthand about the reasons why people are fleeing, to show solidarity for their fight for their rights, and to be inspired and empowered so that we can be more effective advocating for change and reform”

–       “to participate on the 60th anniversary of the Radio Progreso, Padre Melo and the staff who are dedicating their wisdom and life to walk with the organized poor of Honduras.”

–       “to learn from the movement in Honduras, how in dire political situations that we now find ourselves in the US,  they have been able to maintain resilience, strength and hope”

–       “with the recent elections in the US it is more urgent that we organize and mobilize our communities in defense of our immigrant sisters and brothers, to open our homes and communities and embrace them, understanding why they are fleeing and addressing root causes is critical”



Want to read more or watch a video about some of the issues we will be examining in Honduras?

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