Our Journey for Change: Migrant and Human Rights in Honduras

Our Root Causes of Migration Pilgrimage is going to Honduras because there is a major uptick in the number of asylum seekers and migrant youth and families from Honduras fleeing their country.  We will be meeting with grassroots and religious partners to more deeply understand the root causes of the migration- including the worsening human rights conditions in Honduras, and major development projects that are displacing indigenous communities and impacting the environment.

In particular, we are investigating the results and  impacts of the Congressional spending bill that includes funding for Honduran police, military and security operations, The Alliance for Prosperity for the Northern Triangle countries, the investigation of the murder of Berta Caceres, and calls for the suspension of US military and security aid to Honduras (HR 5474).

HR 5474 calls for the immediate suspension of US military and security aid outlined in the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act co-sponsored by Rep. Hank Johnson. The bill is co-sponsored by 47 members of Congress.  If your congressperson is not on this list, please contact them to add their support to this bill.

Justice for Berta.jpg

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