People of Faith Root Causes Pilgrimage to Honduras

We use pilgrimage to describe the way we will journey as a community and how we come to Honduras.  It’s different than a tour.  It’s grounded in a spiritual practice that enables to encounter the sacred in a place of suffering. It is a returning to a center of pivotal events to  a place where memories are embedded in the land – from the assassination of Berta, the struggles to defend mother earth, the origins of migrant journeys, the 2009 coup, Standard Fruit banana plantations. We come with 5 postures of Listening, Remembering, Mourning,Honoring and Sharing.

migration border Gua

Follow our pilgrimage and journey.


What will be doing?

Visiting with indigenous, human rights, water and land defenders, such as: COPINH,indigenous network co-founded  by Berta Caceres, Goldman Prize winner who was assassinated in March of this year, that is involved in protecting their local rivers and communities from destruction by hydroelectric dam and mining projects.

Visiting MUCA in the Bajo Aguan where two peasant leaders were recently assassinated in October.

Meeting with immigrants who have been deported from the United States back to danger in Honduras.

Meeting with OFRANEH – network of Garifuna people’s- defending their national territories from land grabs and resort development

Meeting with the Mothers of the Disappeared Migrants of Progreso

Regional Fora on Migration, Human Rights in Honduras and Mother Earth.

Honoring Radio Progreso-ERIC SJ– on  their 60th Anniversary.  We will be bringing a resolution passed by the City of Berkeley in honor of the 60th Anniversary.