One of the people we met while we were in Honduras, was Fr.Rafael Moreno- SJ,  head of the Jesuit Commission Redes Migracrion (CRM) for Central America and North America who lives in Mexico.  He gave us a very important analysis of the impact of the Trump election on migration and also the changing role of Mexico.  Mexico has become an exterior southern border of the US financed by US tax dollars. The money Mexico receives from the US is supposed to be with HR conditions attached and US State Department Certification.  But despite hundreds of thousands dead in Mexico, both Mexico and the Honduras government keep getting certified.  According to Fr. Rafael, the only ones who are benefiting from the increased enforcement are the traffickers and coyotes, as the price has increased per head to $10-12,000.

The Trump election is a “State of emergency for civil society,”  but is is  also an important opportunity – transfronterizo – across borders.

He told us that FAITH COMMUNITIES in the US and Mexico have a very important role to play in this particular moment:

    • Role of documentation, analysis and communication to help people better understand issues
    • Priority of Hospitality and a support network of accompaniment to migrants, both for Receiving countries but also for Sending countries who are receiving deported migrants.
    • We are part of the same family – brothers and sisters – behind nation states that seek to divide and create borders. Our priority is fraternity and humanity – over national borders
    • Help mobilize national populations to pressure our governments in Advocacy
    • Faith communities and immigrants are a key counterweight to Trump and the Mexican government


So as we return to the US, we will be organizing to do our part in this cross-border emergency/opportunity.  Organizing sanctuary congregations, support and accompaniment for migrants and strengthening our connections across borders to uplift the humanity and dignity of each person.


– by Rev. Deb