In Honduras as part of a pilgrimage looking at the root causes of the migration crisis.

It’s 4AM and the rooster & I are the only ones up 😉. Good time for reflection.

This is only the second day of the pilgrimage & already it’s an eye opening & paradigm shifting experience.

Have you had such an experience with another culture ? With another people?

I think that one of the causes of our current breakdown in American civil society is most people haven’t. We are by choice an isolated people who make the false assumption that we are superior to all others and hence have nothing to learn from other human beings.

That is the corrosive affect of “American Exceptionalism”.

That’s why many of us want to build walls instead of bridges. In truth, we are afraid.

It’s important to be exposed to paradigm shifting experiences. It’s important to recognize that we have much to learn from others.

Turn off “Fox News”, the path to wisdom awaits you. Go experience a glimpse of God’s Good Creation that you currently can not see.

We will all be better for it.

– Rev. Terry