Sarah Lee

At what point do governments (made up of human beings) extract billions from their own country’s social security at the cost of its own people who now cannot afford basic medicine/healthcare?

At what point do multi-national corporations (made up of human beings) extract natural resources from other countries, stripping land, thus livelihood, from people who’ve lived there for generations?

Group Photo for Sarah

At what point does ICE (made up of human beings) extract, detain, and deport migrants, making profit out of their bodies yet say they cannot live in this country?

Perhaps when we make invisible another people group, creating distance between our brothers and sisters, our conscience are appeased for the violence we inflict. When we make invisible another people group, it becomes easier to dehumanize the other to secure my profit, my security, my power.

But there are those who say NO to invisibility. ‪#‎RootCausesDel‬ got to witness the fortitude of Honduran and Guatemalan mothers who’ve experienced deep loss, but choose to stay visible through creative organizing. At some point, we must recognize how the margins are becoming the center–making visible the corruption in our own countries and leading the way for what active hope looks like. ‪#‎IM4HumanIntegrity

-Sarah Lee