“The future looks impossible if I walk only by sight. That is why I must walk by faith.” –Pastor Max

#RootCausesDel got to spend time with Pastor Max on our pilgrimage. After 20 years living in the U.S., Pastor Max was deported to Honduras this year, leaving his wife and 4 children in Iowa since March. He was taken while working and received no trial for his case even after >25,000 petitioned for his release.

His faith gave him a greater vision for reuniting with his family, for more humane and just laws for migrants. I am moved, seeing how faith pushes our imagination for what could be possible even against seemingly daunting barriers.

ICE continues to profit treating humans as economical units through incarceration and deportation. How do we continue unveiling structural systems we live in that separates families and gives impartial treatment to basic human rights?

-Sarah Lee