Yesterday we heard from Celida Penate with InnerCHANGE. Celida lived in Oakland for years and worked with Matt and Marta Miles. She now lives in Tegulcigalpa, Honduras’ Capital in a squatter area. Listening to the grinding poverty people face was difficult. Having passed through a banana growing area earlier in the day, and recognizing that Honduras has an agriculture based economy, it is difficult to understand how people have so little food. Most of the people living here are single moms and their children. The migration of so many Honduranian men has had an incredibly destabilizing effect on the Honduran family. Despite living in the middle of this devastation, Celids has fire in her eyes, and joy in her spirit. In the middle of what seems truly hopeless, Celida, her husband Jose, and a small group of people who work with her are bringing hope and stability to these women and children. Today we move on to Guatemala.

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