Today we visited the Assistance Center for Deported Migrants (Centro de Atencion de Imigrantes Retornado) just before they were to receive a plane load of 52 people deported from the US. (This does not include the much larger numbers who are deported by land from Mexico.) Some days there are two planes per day of up to 135 people per flight.  It is here where they first land as deportees – some after months in detention, others after living 20 years in the United States, some who left as youth, now returning to a country they don’t even know.  Here the volunteers try to give them at the very least some hope and encouragement, food and a phone call.  Their research suggests that 45% have been victims of trafficking. 50% have been deported multiple times and many people deported today will attempt to go back to the US – the place they call home or can make a living. One thing is clear : all the deportees are workers- and as a CAMR staff member said: We all have the right to migrate and improve our quality of life.”

Everytime I see a migrant, I think of how many family members they are supporting back home.


-Rev. Deb Lee