This week a fact-finding delegation of 16 interfaith leaders will travel to Central America to investigate the stream of  children and families migrating from Central America. The group will spend two weeks in Honduras and Guatemala, meeting with community, migrant and religious leaders speaking with people whose lives are threatened with violence, displacement and the reality of forced migration. The group will also meet with those who have been deported, including Pastor Max Villatoro, a father of 4 and long-time US resident, who was deported back to Honduras in March of this year.  They will meet organizations and relatives of migrants from Honduras and Guatemala who have disappeared, been wounded or died in the process and the faith organizations serving them. According to the Rev. Deborah Lee, senior program director of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HI), “In communities across our country, unaccompanied children and migrant families have arrived, surviving harrowing experiences on the journey. It is our responsibility to see with our own eyes, why they left their homes and risked their lives to come here. We need to find out how the root causes of this terrible situation can be addressed and hear the policy solutions from those who know best the situation in Central America. ” “Once they get here, the United States government labels them undocumented,” says Rev. Lee, “but we are documenting the reasons why they had to leave just to stay alive. They need to be guaranteed safe passage and humanitarian protection. We need to ensure our US policies are not exacerbating the human rights situation”. The delegation is being coordinated by the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HI), which advocates that all people are sacred across all borders.  The group will return on August 17th and will be holding a press conference at the local airport about their findings. SFO-  International Terminal  8:15 pm ] The interfaith delegation can be followed on instagram: @im4humanintegrity blog:, twitter: @4humanintegrity web:, facebook: